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In order to be eligible for the club’s Wimbledon Ballot, you must meet the following criteria 24 hours before the relevant BTM Venue Ballot is due to take place:  


1)    Be a member of BLTC and have paid this year’s membership fees prior to the ballot date (please refer to the JOIN page for fees and how to pay)


2)   Hold an active ‘Affiliated’ BTM


3)   Be an Adult (18+) or Junior (11-17) BTM


4)   The BLTC venue must be linked to your BTM


5)   You must have opted in to the BTM ballot with the LTA


A venue’s allocation of Wimbledon tickets for their BTM Venue Ballot will be calculated according to the number of BTM’s who satisfy the criteria set out (above) by February of that year. Any new BTMs who satisfy the criteria set out (above) after tthis date are eligible to enter the relevant BTM Venue Ballot however, for the avoidance of doubt, they will not be included for the purposes of calculating a venue’s allocation of tickets for their BTM Venue Ballot. For further clarification, please use the LTA Website, Ballot Rules Page.


1A Sandy Way, Oxton, Wirral, CH43 1TZ                0151 652 2163


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Wimbledon Ballot

Join up and get your British Tennis Membership in order to be eligible next year.


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